The Cowboys lineman who injured Chris Carson with this 'gator roll' should be banned from the NFL

September 28, 2020

Sunday's Dallas Cowboys-Seattle Seahawks game had a little bit of everything. It had an incredible quarterback duel between Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott. It had a fantasy explosion from Seattle wide receiver Tyler Lockett, who scored three touchdowns. It had an all-time BONEHEAD play from DK Metcalf, who went full Desean Jackson near the goal line (never, ever go full Desean Jackson). 

Unfortunately, it also featured one of the dirtiest plays of the year, spoiling an otherwise perfect football game. Late in the fourth quarter, as the Seahawks were driving to try and take back the lead, running back Chris Carson got the ball at midfield on 2nd and 5. As he tried to get upfield, he was caught from behind by Cowboys defensive lineman Trysten Hill, who had wrapped both his arms around Carson's left leg. Once Hill got Carson to the ground, he held on to his leg and did a "gator roll," twisting Carson's leg and injuring him. Take a look: 

Before we start throwing around accusations, let's be fair. Another closer look in HD will surely show Hill did not intend to injure Carson: 

"Maybe it was Trysten when he rolled over there on that ankle," says Troy Aikman, wondering if that's how Carson got hurt. Gee, ya think? 

If there was malicious intent here, how does Hill play another game in the NFL? It should be a multiple-game suspension at minimum, and a lifetime ban wouldn't be out of the question. Knowing the NFL, Hill will be suited up next Sunday, and the Sunday after that and the Sunday after that, without facing any discipline. It won't be until it's too late (translation: until he tries to snap a few more ankles) when the league finally steps in. 

Good news: it's just a sprained knee for Carson, who could return to the field next week in Miami, though that sounds like a great spot for Carson to rest for a week and get back to 100 percent. Better news: the Cowboys lost to fall to 1-2. Hate to see that.