Couple travels to Ireland to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, sees the Red Hot Chilli PIPERS instead

February 14, 2018

Two people. Three letters. One all-time fail.

An English couple took a trip to Belfast, Ireland to see their favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Only they wound up seeing the Red Hot Chilli Pipers instead. Whoops.

To be fair, at first glance the two band names are nearly identical. Their styles of music, however, are not. The Pipers, as you may have guessed, rely hail from Scotland and rely heavily on bagpipes. In fact, they call themselves "The Most Famous Bagpipe Band on the Planet," and we are in no position to dispute that claim.

Nevertheless, Duncan Robb had no intention of seeing them when he purchased concert tickets as a gift to his girlfriend.

"When I clicked on and got tickets in row Q and for 30 each I thought what a bargain, there must not be many tickets left and snatched them up straight away," Robb explained to "Also, I saw the date was Feb. 10, so I could make it into a Valentine's Day weekend -- kill two birds with one stone."

Smooth move, Romeo.

Amazingly, no one realized the mistake even after Robb printed out the tickets and presented them to his girlfriend as a Christmas gift. And even after they flew to Belfast. They finally figured it out a few days before the concert.

"(We) just had to laugh about it -- what else was there to do!" Robb said. "The only saving grace was that we had found out three days before and not while we were in the arena!"

The couple wound up going to the concert and having a good time anyway. And why wouldn't they? According to Wikipedia, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been named Scottish Live Act of the Year. Twice. Can Flea and Co. claim that? Didn't think so.