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Could this Microsoft smart grip be the solution to your swing problems?

December 02, 2016

An entire industry is built upon improving your golf game. From teachers to books to training aids, there are multiple assets available for the average hack to better their performance. While those resources work to varying degrees, Microsoft might be close to simplifying the diagnosis of your entire swing. All from how you hold the club.

Sensoria, a partner of Microsoft, recently teamed up with Bryson DeChambeau to create the Smart Grip. The device reveals DeChambeau's hand-on-grip position and levels of pressure, reads his strokes on different clubs and sends real-time data to Microsoft intelligent systems. This info runs through an app that studies the data, providing visual and audio feedback. Better yet, the app stores previous swings, allowing comparison to the past and giving the present context.


How does the Smart Grip gather this information? The instrument is under half an ounce and just one-inch square, harvesting the input from pressure sensors in each grip. Through this data, DeChambeau can figure out a consistent grip with different clubs, along with the ideal swing speed, plane, and tempo.

The product is still in the testing stages, and like most training devices, it can't be used in real play. Nevertheless, the Smart Grip could be the next step in inching you closer to more consistent -- and likely better -- golf.