Sugar High

Corey Conners getting his own Tim Horton's hole-in-one donut is proof Canada doesn't only care about hockey

Making a hole-in-one at the Masters is a huge deal, not only for the fact it's a hole-in-one at the damn Masters, but for the fact that you get a large crystal bowl for doing so. As sweet as that is, though, Corey Conners got something much sweeter for his Augusta National ace on Monday ... literally.

Conners, who was born in Listowel, Canada, a community in Ontario, received his very own hole-in-one donut from Tim Horton's, the popular coffee and donut chained based in Canada. The special donut, which comes from a Tim Horton's in Listowel, appears to be a chocolate donut with green sprinkles and a white donut hole stuffed in the middle. Nice touch:

Get it? It's a hole in one? Yeah, you get it. 

Any ace in the Masters is an unforgettable one, whether you finish first or T-54, but Conners' was particularly clutch. First off, it came on Saturday, while Conners was very much in contention. Secondly, it was just the sixth ace on the par-3 sixth in Masters history, the first in nine years. 

Conners wound up tying for eighth at four under, which really made the hole-in-one a massive moment in his week. Had that ball slipped past the cup and he missed the comebacker, he likely would have finished outside the top 10 and been in danger of finishing outside the top 12 (everyone in the top 12 and ties gets invited back the following year). Instead, he posted a second straight Masters top 10, continuing what has been one of the better seasons of his career. We'd say that's worthy of a donut or two.