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Consider the European Tour forewarned

August 02, 2009

Lawrence Donegan, in his blog on the Guardian website, has raised an interesting possibility -- that the new Champions Tour event in Dubai (reported by Dave Shedloski in Local Knowledge last week) might eventually undermine the European Tour's financial foundation.

Donegan writes: "For better or worse, the European Tour has now put itself in a position where it is virtually bankrolled by Dubai, via the Race to Dubai, and it will not appreciate the Americans encroaching on 'its' territory, even if it is only in the shape of a Champions Tour event."

Should the Champions Tour enjoy sustained success in Dubai, Donegan speculates that PGA Tour executives and Dubai's bankrollers might forge a cozy relationship. "What would be the next step?" Donegan asks. "That's right -- a full-blown PGA Tour event. In which case, there might be some changes to the beautiful friendship between the European Tour and Dubai."

Another point to ponder: Tiger Woods' relationship with Dubai. He has a golf course opening there next year.

-- John Strege