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Congressman caught watching Presidents Cup during President Trump impeachment hearings is your hero of the week

December 13, 2019
House Judiciary Committee Meets For Markup On Articles Of Impeachment


Sports are the ultimate distraction. From overwhelming schoolwork, to your family getting on your case, to your boss ruining your weekend by asking for a Monday morning TPS report on Friday afternoon, sometimes you just need a release from reality, and what better getaway than the comforts of a ballgame.

Unfortunately, life does not always allow that escape. The key is finding an alternative route to that entertainment, or rather, how to bring that entertainment to you. Which is all a very wordy way of saying here is a video of a congressman caught watching the Presidents Cup during President Trump's impeachment hearings.

The congressman in question is Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La, who is instantly our new favorite legislator. (Admission: until now, the only two congressmen we could name were Roger Furlong and Jonah Ryan, both fictional characters, so take that with an entire saltshaker.) Clearly he is a man that's come down with a bad case of Presidents Cup fever. That, or perhaps Congress was debating if Justin Thomas' devastating putt constitutes an Act of War. We kid, we kid ... we think.

Sure, the optics aren't particularly flattering to Rep. Richmond, given the matter at hand. Conversely, keeping in mind what has transpired over the past few years in Washington, watching golf is pretty low on the level of transgressions. And let he who hasn't streamed the Thursday or Friday rounds of the Masters at the office throw the first stone.

Besides, as tense as our political landscape has been, perhaps we'd be better off if everyone followed Rep. Richmond's lead, chilled, and enjoyed a few holes of the action from Royal Melbourne. It is, after all, an event that promotes international camaraderie.

Just don't question where Jason Day is at; we've had our fill of "withholding foreign aid" for the year.