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Condi at Augusta

April 14, 2009

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice apparently has added golf to her sports passions, evidence of which was her trip to the Masters last weekend and the column she wrote about it at The Daily Beast. Its headline: "My Weekend on Tiger's Trail."

"I've been to Super Bowls, the Final Four, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships—nothing matched the anticipation of my first Masters," she wrote.

She admits to rooting for Tiger Woods, given their Stanford connection (Woods attended, and Rice was its provost) and the fact the two became acquainted sitting with one another at a Stanford-Duke basketball game.

"When you say that you've been converted to golf, friends (particularly baby boomer tennis-playing friends) think you've given up on sports," she wrote. "My answer is always, 'Have you seen Tiger Woods?'"

-- John Strege