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Compression socks: help your muscles, help your style

January 23, 2014


__ORLANDO -- A fair number of golfers have been spotted wearing compression sleeves on their arms and, occasionally, compression socks on their feet. The theory behind wearing compression gear is to help stabilize muscles, keep swelling down and increase oxygen flow. This is all good stuff since it will help general reduce muscle soreness that usually follows athletic activity.


The one downside to compression sleeves and socks is that they can look a little ... dorky. Zensah combats this problem by offering 20 colors (a lot of them are pretty bright) and an argyle option for socks.

The material will protect you from getting sunburnt and is wicking so it works to pull sweat away from your body. This is important because walking around in knee high socks kind of defeats the purpose of shorts.

The socks have padded heels, arches and toe supports. They retail for $50, and the sleeves go for $30.