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Complete Q&A: Terry O'Quinn of "Lost."


About two years ago I bumped into O'Quinn at the Turtle Bay pro shop on the North Shore of Oahu. My brother said, "You don't normally get star struck." And he's right. I don't. But for some reason O'Quinn, actually John Locke, freaked me out. O'Quinn is so believable as Locke, that for a second, I wasn't sure who was standing in front of me. (No bigger compliment to an actor, I suppose.) And that's why I stuttered something like, "I'm a big fan." So lame.


My brother's friend Mike Trisler, who's the lead stuntman on "Lost," ended up putting me in contact with O'Quinn for this Q&A. So thanks to Mike and Terry, who called me from the North Shore as he was walking to "Dudeland" to get his morning coffee at Starbucks. That's where O'Quinn likes to "sit at a table and watch the most beautiful people walk by."

I've done that, and it is a good scene. But not nearly as good as the scene at Sunset Beach in the winter, when the waves are breaking and the sun is out.


Hit play for a short clip of our phone conversation:

--Matty G.

(Photographs by Getty Images.)