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Cobra Golf's new King Forged Tec irons designed for enhanced feel, distance


Justin Kosman

When you have a proven winner, you take what you have an improve upon it instead of starting from scratch. That is the case with Cobra Golf’s new King Forged Tec irons. Building off the success of its previous Forged Tec and Forged Tec Black models, things such as a One Length option and the groundbreaking Cobra Connect grip sensors that provide player analytics through the Arccos round-tracking system remain intact while improvements to the clubhead were made.

Cobra’s goal was to utilize multiple materials to bring more speed in an iron with a traditional shape while continuing to enhance feel and distance. The muscle-back shape is deceiving as it hides the fact the head is a hollow construction and utilizes the company’s PWRSHELL face (something not in previous iterations) for higher ball speed. Inside the clubhead, an internal foam with Expancel microspheres help provide the proper sound and feel. The tungsten toe weight is positioned to allow the center of gravity to be in line more with the center of the face (which has been thinned out from its predecessors) to boost distance as well.

On the One Length models, each iron has been designed to match the length (37.5 inches) and weight of a 7-iron. Weight is added to the long irons to achieve this and removed from the short irons. Lie angles alos have been adjusted with more upright lie angles in the long irons and slightly flatter in the short irons and wedges. The shafts also are lighter in the long irons to help assist launch while heavier wedge shafts promote control.

For shafts, the stock steel offering is the KBS $-Taper and in graphite the Project X Catalyst. Lamkin’s Crossline Cobra Connect black grips are utilized as well. The irons cost $1,099 in steel and $1,199 in graphite. The new King Forged Tec irons are available at Cobra Golf's website or at retail starting November 1.