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Cleveland RTX Full-Face 2 and Smart Sole Full-Face wedges: what you need to know

February 04, 2024
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What you need to know: Cleveland Golf’s already robust wedge line receives two meaningful additions with the RTX Full-Face 2 and Smart Sole Full-Face offerings. Featuring hosel-to-toe grooves and an extended toe area, the RTX Full-Face 2.

Price/Availability: The RTX Full-Face 2 costs $180 each and is available immediately in lofts of 50 to 60 degrees as well as 64 degrees. The Smart Sole Full-Face is also available immediately at a cost of $140 each.

3 Cool Things

1. Laser focused

The RTX Full-Face 2 wedges use a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system integrated into the face to maximize spin in wet or dry conditions. The lasered micro-milling lines are angled toward RTX Full-Face 2’s grooves, adding more roughness and friction at impact.

2. Size matters

The high-toe profile enlarges the hitting area for those with the type of skills that can pull off the most demanding of short-game shots. The RTX Full-Face 2 features three sole grind options, each optimized based on loft groupings. For lower lofts ranging from 50- to 52-degree, an S-Shaped sole with 8 degrees of bounce. Sand Wedge lofts feature a similar S-Shaped sole, but with more bounce at 10 degrees for tackling bunker shots. Lofts of 58 degrees and higher feature a C-Shaped sole with 8 degrees of bounce, designed for flops or escapes from difficult lies.

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3. Help on the way

The other wedge aimed at everyday players is the Smart Sole Full-Face. Like its Smart Sole 4 predecessor, the Smart Sole Full-Face line has a singular goal: make it as easy as possible for players to hit serviceable shots out of sand and around the green.

Smart Sole Full-Face wedges feature four specialized clubs, each designed for nearly all types of short-game shots. An upgraded, three-tiered sole designs provides the kind of forgiveness grandma offers a misbehaving kid.

Smart Sole Full-Face wedges feature a 46 percent larger striking area than the previous model making it the largest clubface ever on a Cleveland Golf wedge. New alignment lines at the bottom of the club face are designed to help golfers keep the club centered behind the ball at address and keep a square club face at impact.

Each Smart Sole Full-Face model is tailored for specific situations around the green. The C-model is ideal for chip shots or bump-and-runs. The G-model is for full or partial approach shots. The S-model is designed for easier sand savings, while the L-model is engineered for high arching shots into short-sided pin locations.