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Clean your grips with Gripes

October 30, 2012

It is a given that too little attention is paid to grips (have you re-gripped your clubs lately?), but the least we ought to do is keep them clean. There is a reason tour players or their caddies are frequently seen wiping a grip before the shot is played.

Grip manufacturer Lamkin has addressed the issue with its introduction of Gripes, grip cleaning wipes that come 15 to a package, each wipe capable of cleaning up to five grips. Gripes work on all rubber and synthetic rubber grips and cost $5.99.

"I've been talking about the benefits of proper grip cleaning and maintenance for years, but the subject became much more relevant with the widespread acceptance and use of white and color golf grips," Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of Lamkin, said in a news release. "Other than keeping your grips looking great, regular cleaning actually reactivates surface tack and enhances the overall durability of the grip."

The days when grips virtually were exclusively black are over. Lamkin's own 3GEN grip comes in 10 colors.