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Cink didn't have to go, but he went anyway

August 05, 2009

AKRON, Ohio -- Now it can be told: Why was Stewart Cink a few moments late arriving at the tee to begin his playoff with Tom Watson in the British Open? "Because I had to go to the porta-John," he said Wednesday.

Well, in fact he didn't have to go to the porta-John, but went anyway for strategic purposes.

"The reason I was late going to the tee was actually because I knew what I was up against with Tom Watson, with the crowd pulling for him so much," Cink said. "I didn't want to be on the tee standing there when he walked up. I wanted to be the last on the tee, because if anything, I wanted him to hear some applause for me walking up there, instead of the other way around. So I didn't really have to go the restroom, but I decided to go anyway, just to take a few extra seconds."

-- John Strege