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Chunking It? Here's A Simple Drill To Hit It Pure

One of our readers emailed us last week, needing guidance on his iron game:

*I never seem to pure it, instead of hitting behind the ball more often than not – resulting in a chunk. I tried watching videos on YouTube but that didn’t help. I don’t know what to do. If you have any suggestions or tips, please help.

We can feel your frustration from here, Andrew. And we don’t blame you. Chunked irons can make for a long round of golf.

James Kinney, who’s one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers and the director of instruction at GolfTec in Omaha, says you’re probably chunking it because your impact position isn’t correct.

The five things Kinney says you should have at a good impact position are (for a right handed golfer):

That’s a lot to think about. To simplify, Kinney suggests trying this drill.


You need one piece of equipment for the drill: an impact bag. You can find them at stores like PGA Tour Superstore or Golfsmith.

“Start off with the impact bag positioned where the front of the ball would be. First make half swings in slow motion and focus on hitting the bag with your weight on your left foot.”

Don’t finish your swing – stop the club once you hit the bag. Hold your position after you hit the bag, take a look at your body. How many of the five things that Kinney mentioned have you achieved? Keep making swings, checking in to make sure you’re getting all five things right.

If you’re dealing with the chunks, really make sure that right leg is straightening out, says Kinney. “This will promote forward drive and not a spin out. The spin out causes fat shots and loss of distance.”

Once you’re feeling comfortable, Kinney says to lengthen your back swing to a three-quarter position and hit the impact bag at about 50 percent speed.

Do the drill five times every week, in slow motion for two minutes to improve your impact position. Solid ball striking will follow. Good luck!

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