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Christmas miracle: Warm weather means holiday golf for most of the United States

December 22, 2015


It's Dec. 22, signifying the first official day of winter. Not that you can tell.

According to, most of the Central and Eastern United States will experience their warmest Christmas on record. For context, Newark, New Jersey has an average high temperature in December of 44 degrees; this week, the city is looking at a high of 70.

A better Christmas gift we could not ask.

For, historically, when one opens their holiday presents to find golf equipment or apparel, they were abstract objects. Sure, you could hold a driver or put shoes on your feet, but a look outside to the frozen tundra rendered these items futile. They were merely visions of hope, an ambition months out of reach.


Now, thanks to a super El Nino, many cities east of the Rocky Mountains can venture outside to use their new gadgets and gear. March's promise is now Christmas Eve's reality.

More importantly, the local range or course can be your safe haven once your family begins to drive you stir crazy. Which, according to every Christmas movie ever, is a given.

I understand why some are upset, as the warm weather dashes any romantic visions of snow on the holidays. And yes, lights and wreaths and mistletoe look better outlined against white flurries.

Me? I'll happily trade tinsel for a tee time. Because the holidays come once a year. But golf in late December? That, my friends, is a Christmas miracle.