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Chris Sale destroys minor league clubhouse after poor rehab start, remains the GOAT lunatic

Many of Major League Baseball's biggest aces are certified nut jobs. Two of New York's best, Max Scherzer and Gerritt Cole, showed us that this season, Scherzer shooing away the Ambassador and Consul General of Japan back in May and Cole losing his sh-- because first pitch was delayed by a few minutes back in April. They're all constantly on edge, as they should be.

Chris Sale, the Boston Red Sox ace who has not made a start since last October, is arguably the biggest lunatic of them all. Never forget when the lefty cut up the throwback jerseys of his former team, the Chicago White Sox, because he found them to be too uncomfortable.

Sale, who is working his was back to the big leagues, was up to his usual lunatic antics on Wednesday night in Worcester, where he was making a rehab start for Boston's Triple-A squad. Considering it was a rehab start, the numbers looked fine: 3.2 innings pitched, three hits, five strikeouts and one earned run. However, there were also five walks, which, for a pitcher like Sale, is five too many against any team, let alone the Scranton RailRiders. Here's how Sale felt about that:

Obviously, Sale was much more concerned with the five walks than the five Ks, specifically the walk with the bases loaded that allowed a run to score. Ipso, facto, bad day to be a minor league clubhouse.

"I was just out there fishing today," Sale told the Boston Globe. "Nothing to hang your hat on, that's for sure."

Despite the outburst, Sale believes a return to the big leagues will come sooner rather than later. Sitting 14 games back of the Yankees, the Red Sox certainly hope that's the case, too.