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Five questions with Chris Rosaasen

March 29, 2013

As CEO of California apparel firm Travis Mathew, Chris Rosaasen oversees one of the cooler brands in golf. He takes five questions from __Marty Hackel. __


My goal when I start designing is having the Travis Mathew consumer be the guy that gets noticed for how he is dressed, not the guy who "stands out" for how he is dressed.

Q: How come you have so little color?

We very rarely use bright base colors. We use these colors for pops and details. I want a Travis Mathew consumer to be noticed upon second glance and have the person noticing realize the details and quality of the garment.

Q: Where do you start when you're selecting what to wear?

The top. It's what sets the tone for the look, and there are naturally many more options: colors, solids, stripes, patterns, etc. Next I look for a complementing bottom. It should be the easiest. If you have black, white, gray, and navy bottoms, you're good to go with just about any top. That said, it's possible to pair a nice basic top with a plaid or patterned bottom and make a nice statement.

Q: What about belts?

This is a place I feel people, especially golfers, go wrong. Drawing attention to your midsection when it's on the large side is not a good look. A loud belt when the rest of your outfit is already yelling isn't a good look, either.

__Q: Any style "rules"? __

The rule is to choose one item to set the tone and then let the other items complement it, not compete with it.