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Chris O'Donnell


Golf bag slung over his shoulder and pedaling a cruiser bike around the back lot at Hollywood's legendary Paramount Studios, Chris O'Donnell is in what he calls the rush hour of life. Married with five kids 6-15 and into his sixth season as the star of the CBS drama "NCIS: Los Angeles," some of O'Donnell's biggest golf joys these days come via a late-afternoon nine holes with any or all of his three sons (Chip, Charlie and Finley). He and the boys even won some father-son golf "hardware" this year. "I can't wait for the day when I can take a trip to Scotland or Ireland with my boys," O'Donnell says. "That is my ultimate foursome." O'Donnell learned from his dad and his Jesuit high school upbringing the importance of giving back, and he doesn't need to be praised for it. "My dad was on the board of a group in Chicago called The Safer Foundation that helped to rehabilitate ex-cons," O'Donnell says. "I remember as a kid thinking, Why in the hell would you want to do that? When my dad explained it to me, it made total sense."

Today O'Donnell works with REDF, the California-based nonprofit that finds jobs for people facing the greatest barriers to work (dropouts, ex-cons, the homeless and the mentally ill). Golf buddies George Roberts and Harris Barton introduced O'Donnell to REDF, and now he sits on the board. "So many of these people are dying to work and just can't catch a break," he says. "If we can help find them jobs, it's so much better for society, better for everyone."