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Chris Del Bosco breaks pelvis in crazy Winter Olympics crash

February 21, 2018

Compared to the Sochi Winter Olympics, which were a clusterf—k from the moment Bob Costas first put in his dirty contacts, Pyeongchang—wind and cold aside (come on, it's the Winter Olympics)—has been a pretty sedate affair. That all changed on Tuesday night, however, when Canadian ski cross legend Chris Del Bosco, charging for a spot in the quarterfinals, overcompressed into a jump and was sent into horrifying orbit.

As you can see, Del Bosco catches an edge just before hitting the jump, sending him "backseat" off the lip. The rest is all cruel gravity. After being attended to my medical personnel, Del Bosco was then carried out on a stretcher, giving a thumbs up to the shocked crowd who thought they had showed up to watch Del Bosco compete for a medal, not get towed to the ER behind a snowmobile. Despite conflicting reports on Wednesday morning and Canadian press stressing the need for further tests, the consensus is that Del Bosco suffered a broken pelvis in the crash.

Strangely enough, last Thursday Austrian snowboarder Markus Schairer suffered a very similar crash, getting pitched backward in the same section of the course and breaking the fifth cervical vertebrae in his neck.

Ruling out pure coincidence, there seems to be a bit a design flaw in the course's final jump section, but the good news is that ski and snowboard cross have both concluded with no further incident, so nobody else has to spend the next eight-to-12 months living at the chiropractor. Needless to say, we hope those day jobs come with solid health insurance.