Celebrity Golfers

Chris Berman booms tee shot, unleashes all-time celebratory club flip

April 19, 2023

At the risk of dating myself, it's hard to explain to today's youngins how big of a deal Chris Berman was when I was growing up. Heck, I still have a rental car agreement he autographed—signed "Back, back, back, gone!" of course—when I bumped into him at an airport when I was 12. ESPN SportsCenter anchors were held in nearly the same regard as the athletes they talked about, and Berman was the undisputed King of Bristol, CT.

Flash forward nearly three decades (again, dating myself) and although Berman has lost a few mphs off his fastball, he's still an ESPN star and noted (bad) celebrity golfer. But at Tuesday's Zurich Classic celebrity shootout, Boomer boomed one off the first tee—and produced an all-time celebratory club flip. Check it out:

WHOOP! Well played, Chris. And eat your heart out, Jose Bautitsta. Actually, it calls to mind the bat/club flip video we here at The Loop put together a few years back:

Maybe Chris was watching us like we've watched him so much through the years. Or maybe that's just the natural instinct of a legendary showman.

Either way, a golf club flip is certainly better than a golf cart flip. Just ask Russell Wilson. We're guessing Berman might have some extra special sound effects when he does Broncos highlights next season.