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Chipping to a back pin? Don’t make this mistake

July 20, 2016

What club do you chip with the most? Probably a wedge, right? It’s easy to flight it, and (usually) lands softly. Those are definite benefits when there isn’t a lot of green between you and the pin. But what about those times when you have green to work with?

Butch Harmon says that amateurs often make the mistake of using their usual wedge to hit chips to back pins.


“That requires a longer, harder swing, which makes the shot tougher,” says Harmon. “Instead, try the hook chip with a 7- or 8-iron.”

When you set up, put more weight on your front foot and the ball off your back foot. When you take the club back, bring it slightly inside. As you come into impact, swing the toe over so that the face closes slightly.

“You'll create more run on the ball by adding hook spin,” says Harmon. “You don't have to make a longer swing to hit a longer shot.”

Hitting the shot a shorter distance and letting it run out will give you more control than trying to fly it to the pin and hope that it stops somewhere close.

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