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Fixer Upper Your Swing

Chip Gaines consistently trying and failing to hit a golf ball is how the rest of us look trying to hang drywall

If you know who Chip Gaines is, it's most likely because your wife or girlfriend loves him more than you. If you don't know who Chip Gaines is, your wife or girlfriend probably still loves him more than you and you're completely oblivious to it. It's a real lose-lose. 

But fear not, my fellow men, for Chip is not perfect. Yes, he is more handy than you can ever dream of being. Yes, he can turn a piece of absolute dogsh*t into the best house in the neighborhood. And yes, he and his wife Joanna are solely responsible for the minor miracle of turning Waco, Texas into a tourist destination. BUT, the man can't hit a golf ball, so we've got that over him: 

Cripes, that poor grass. This ain't demo day Chip, and the golf club isn't a sledgehammer. Credit to him for posting this, though it sounds like the first two or three whiffs came before the camera started rolling. Still, it takes a man of serious integrity to open himself up to ridicule like this from a few PGA Tour pros who are obviously fans of the show: 

We'd say stick to home improvement, Chip, but this sure seems like an opportunity for a new series. Fixer Upper meets The Haney Project. That's a free idea to whoever wants to steal it. You're welcome.