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White Sox hire Tony La Russa as manager, include A.J. Hinch's signature in announcement

October 30, 2020

Here are two things the Chicago White Sox have not done recently:

1. Win a playoff series (15 years and counting!)

2. Hire A.J. Hinch as manager

The first item? Well, that's just me taking a cheap shot. The second is much funnier and much more relevant, because this past Thursday, in a celebratory email announcement, the team announced that they had hired Tony La Russa as their next manager. That's the good news, I guess. The bad news is that they included the signature of former Astros manager A.J. Hinch:

It was widely reported that Hinch (who, for the record, should be wallowing in disgrace for cheating in Houston) had been a serious contender for the White Sox job. Apparently, he was so close to being hired that they demo'ed up a Hinch graphic, and someone in the design apartment failed to get the memo that they should wipe his signature from the La Russa version.

It gets better—here's the cherry on top of the whole comedy debacle:

So not only do you include the signature of the guy you didn't hire, but now he's about to become the manager of your divisional rival. That's gold, Jerry (Reinsdorf)!

There are two lessons here. First, re: Hinch, it's more proof that in 2020 you can't keep a bad man down. Second, even on a day that's supposed to inspire hope, the White Sox are always, always, always gonna White Sox.