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PGA Tour caddie falls, is OK but his employer's putter not so much

May 01, 2014

When a PGA Tour caddie falls to the ground, step one is making sure he's not injured. Step two is making sure the clubs he's carrying aren't damaged.

Chesson Hadley found himself in that predicament when his caddie, Josh Svendsen, tripped on the curb of a cart path during Thursday's first round of the Wells Fargo Championship. Here's the video. We can all laugh now because Svendsen is OK.

And so were Hadley's clubs. The PGA Tour rookie noticed the shaft in his putter was bent, but after consulting with a rules official, it was determined that he could continue playing with the club. In fact, he went on to birdie the hole, two-putting from the fringe.

Hopefully, there wasn't too much of a hold up. As you can see from the video, Kevin Na was also playing in the group.

This is the second time the cameras have caught Svendsen in an odd situation on the course in the past couple months. At the Valspar Championship in March, he smartly used granola to get a duck to leave Hadley's ball alone.

Something tells us he'll remember that moment a bit more fondly.