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Check out Stephen Curry imitating President Obama's golf swing

August 20, 2015

On Tuesday, Stephen Curry went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and told the world that the leader of the free world is a big trash talker on the golf course. On Wednesday, Curry jabbed back at President Obama in his own way.

During an event in San Francisco, the reigning NBA MVP imitated Obama's swing, drawing laughs from those in attendance. Check it out, via Bleacher Report:

Not a bad effort considering Curry is a righty and had to turn his club backward to make the lefty attempt. We don't think the 2-handicapper meant to shank the shot, but it made it even funnier since Obama, well, isn't a 2-handicap.

And Obama shouldn't be too offended. Curry showed how fast he plays, which is a real compliment these days. Plus, he was a lot nicer talking about the President's golf game than Michael Jordan was last year. . .