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Charley Hull’s winning swing thought: ‘Strawberry mousse’

November 23, 2016

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Charley Hull, the 20-year-old Brit who won the CME Group Tour Championship on Sunday, relied on an old swing thought for tempo to help her win, James Corrigan of the Telegraph reports.

“I have this swing called Strawberry Moose. Like my back swing goes to strawberry, comes down, goes to moose, a bit faster,” she said. “I've had it in my head since the Olympics (where she finished seventh). It feels good. ‘Strawberry moose’ - my dad used to say it to me when I was two years old to get my rhythm.”

Being Arnie’s brother: ‘I can’t think of a single burden’

“The only time the look of pleasant serenity temporarily flees Jerry Palmer’s face is when he’s asked if there are any burdens to going through life being the much–younger brother of one of the world’s most famous and popular men. His brow furrows, his lips purse and his perpetually jovial expression takes on the appearance of a game show contestant about to be bounced from the jackpot round.

“He’s stumped.

“‘Honestly, I can’t think of a single burden,’ he says. ‘I enjoy my life. I have two wonderful children, a job I love and I have one of the world’s biggest celebrities for a big brother and the celebrity just happens to be a great guy in every way.’”