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Charles Barkley has a logical, no-BS answer for why he hasn't quit golf

March 07, 2017
Champions Tour - Regions Charity Classic - Charter Communications Pro-Am - May 4, 2006

Al Messerschmidt

In the pantheon of celebrity golfers, Charles Barkley holds a prominent -- some would argue notorious -- standing. While Barkley's dominance on the hardwood was a thing of beauty, the Round Mound of Rebound's golf swing is anything but. Even a stint with Hank Haney failed to produce results, as the NBA Hall of Famer's hacks continued to resemble a man trapped in a telephone booth with bees. Barkley was so dejected about this game that he promised to build a statue of the person that could fix his woes.

And yet, the man continues to play. While we could wax poetic about separating performance from enjoyment, that would seem a different animal for someone as competitive as Barkley. So why does the Chuckster continue to tee it up? As ESPN's Darren Rovell, for a simple reason:

Hard to argue that logic.

Whatever gets him on the course, we're just glad to call Sir Charles a fellow golfer.