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Charity golf event under investigation for reportedly featuring naked women and live sex acts

October 28, 2016

A charity golf event in Columbia, Ill., is under investigation after reports of naked women and live sex acts. The event at River Lakes Golf Course in September was originally billed as a Make-A-Wish fundraiser. KMOV News 4 in St. Louis broke the story and as one of its anchors summed up, "Charity never saw a dime, but the golfers sure saw an awful lot."

In the report, News 4 showed blurred out graphic images that they obtained. One man who participated in the event told the news outlet that there were more than a dozen women there and that some were performing sex acts for money.

Tournament organizer Dennis Daugherty denied anything X-rated, claiming, "It's cute girls in bikinis serving drinks. That's it."

A Make-A-Wish spokesman told News 4 Daugherty was never given permission to use the charity's name. Daugherty says the organization contacted him the day before the event to take its name off the event and that he obliged.

Daugherty admits that no money went to charity, but that's only because of a low turnout that caused him to lose money. He added that he's run this event for 12 years and "never had any issues."

Columbia police were called to the course on the day of the event and shown around by Daugherty. Daugherty acknowledges seeing a woman with her top off, but no charges were filed. With new information coming to light, however, Daugherty has now been charged with deceptive practice.