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CBS' Ian Eagle and his son Noah called the same game on Saturday. No, really

February 17, 2018

There's no shortage of great father & son duos in broadcast journalism, whether it be in sports or serious news, like on channel seven or something. Sports-wise, Jack and Joe Buck or Marv and Kenny Albert instantly come to mind.

The ill-advised thought is often that nepotism got the son to where he is, and that he was "handed" his job. This could not be more false when it comes to both Joe Buck and Kenny Albert, each incredibly hard workers who are two of the best in the business. And while it's still early, it appears Ian Eagle's son Noah is on that same path to stardom as well, and it's not going to be because of his dad.

On Saturday, prior to tip-off of the Syracuse-Miami game on CBS, Noah, a junior at 'Cuse, met up with his dad for a pre-game segment as they were both there to call the same game, Noah for Syracuse's WAER-FM radio station and Ian for CBS. The following video is one of the funnier/creepier things you'll ever see:

Had you closed your eyes before hitting play, you probably would have thought it was Ian opening the video. It's a spitting image, one that produced some hilarious replies on Twitter:

All kidding aside, with that broadcasting voice and a Syracuse degree, it's safe to say this kid is going places. Let's just hope he doesn't steal his dad's job some day, because Ian Eagle is an all-time great, and that's in spite of the fact he has to share an NFL booth with Dan Fouts.