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Catching Up With Ben Crane In The Now (San Diego)

October 15, 2010

Spoken like a true agent. Crane's agent, actually. But in this case, Limbaugh should be taken seriously.

Earlier today a spoof video was sent to me via Twitter; @jpceasyas123 wrote, "Please blast this out to all your followers. Ben Crane's workout. Hilarious."

*He can't be talking about the Ben Crane of the PGA Tour . . . *

Then I watched the video. It was Ben Crane (pictured above) of the PGA Tour, and the video exceeded the hype.

This afternoon (Oct. 15) I caught up with Crane, who's on vacation in San Diego.

Click here for the video and comments from Crane about why he made it, who made it with, and if we should expect any more.

--Matty G.*


*(Photograph by Getty Images.)