124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Catching mistakes

August 20, 2009

Dear Editor,

I quote from a Brian Rattigan letter that you published in the August 17 edition of Golf World: "...perhaps an even worse effort then Tom Watson's eight-footer on 18." This has the obvious error of incorrect word usage. The correct word is "than".


For you to publish the letter without acknowledging that you realize it is incorrect by using "sic", makes me believe that you do not know it is incorrect.


Carolyn Bivens is available. I suggest you do the right thing. Immediately hire her as your replacement, and you resign. Her first action as editor will be to implement her "English Proficiency' requirement.


Michael Smith

Orlando, FL

Dear Michael. We know exactly what were doing. Its just that sometimes we are more careful then others.

Honestly, we tend--intend--to correct minor mistakes like Mr. Rattigan's and avoid the use of "sic" unless such a correction would change the flavor or meaning of a letter or quote. In this case, we whiffed. Thanks for the catch.

--Bob Carney