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A Golf Digest Documentary: Rebuilding Casey Martin

Casey Martin for Golf Digest. Photographed by Grant Hindsley in April 2022.

A debilitating circulatory disorder wasn't enough to prevent Casey Martin from qualifying for the U.S. Open, playing the PGA Tour or serving as a widely respected coach of the University of Oregon men's golf team. But through decades in golf, the pain in Martin's right leg never subsided and, in fact, only grew more severe.

As part of an in-depth Golf Digest+ project, Casey Martin allowed our editorial team full access, starting with his decision to amputate his right leg eight months ago, a feeling which he described “like walking to the gallows.” Throughout his torturous recovery, we visited multiple times in person and over Zoom, tracing the progress of his lofty dream of finding a prostheses that might enable him to compete on the PGA Tour Champions upon turning 50 this June. This 18-minute video provides an unflinching look at one of the golfer's most difficult moments, but also a glimpse at a more hopeful future.