Master Motivator

Hurricanes coach Rod Brind'Amour pacing like a madman, parents on speaker, singing happy birthday delivers touchingly bonkers post-game speech

May 28, 2021

The Carolina Hurricanes won their first-round series against the Predators Thursday night with a 4-3 OT victory, which means that if you live in Durham, NC like me, you have at least two more weeks of people you follow on Twitter for basketball tweeting about hockey. A tragedy, but a small one in the grander scheme. However, it's this local connection that brought a post-game video from the Canes locker room to my attention. It happened just after the win, and features Rod Brind'Amour, Canes head coach and the man who captained them to a Stanley Cup win in 2006.

The premise of what you're about to watch is simple: Brind'Amour has his dad on the phone, it's his dad's birthday, and his dad is very happy about what happened because he's a huge Canes fan. Sounds sweet, and it is. But...well, just watch the man pace. Watch him pace:

He never stops! What a motor! They used to call him "Rod the Bod" during his playing days because he never stopped working out, and you can see that energy running through him here, even at age 50. It's cool that he honored his dad, and Canes fans are loving it, but my real takeaway here is just how he darts around the room. It's manic, it's frantic, it's frankly the pacing of a crazy person on the verge of a major breakdown, or a scientist about to crack one of humanity's greatest problems. It makes me on edge and tired all at once. I'm convinced that one day he'll forget to stop and burst Kool-Aid Man-style through a wall. I would bet good money that he doesn't sleep.

In all honesty, I love people who exist in their rawest state, and it seems like Brind'Amour very much fits that description. The Canes are lucky to have him, and he's clearly a good coach, having led the team to the Central Division title. But this pacing? This pacing will never leave my mind. And now, I will calculate the miles between my home in Durham and PNC Arena in Raleigh, because if Brind'Amour catches wind of this post, I fully expect him to pace to Durham in a matter of seconds and exact terrible revenge upon me. If there's any consolation, I will be the first person in human history to be paced to death...which will give new meaning to the phrase Requiescat In Pace.