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Can we talk about Stuart Appleby's beard?

April 16, 2015

Stuart Appleby hasn't played on the PGA Tour in two months because of recent back surgery. But to be clear, he has not been spending that time stranded at sea, or living in a remote cabin in the woods.

We mention this because this is what Appleby looks like these days.

How fix things with a number 20 hammer pic.twitter.com/yTXTLLaIx5

— Stuart Appleby (@StuartAppleby) April 16, 2015

And in case you need a second look.

Did some trolling with the boys red neck style, won't do it again as the fumes didn't play into my great idea. pic.twitter.com/269rEXoUWr

— Stuart Appleby (@StuartAppleby) April 10, 2015

Or a third.

Eldest and watching mum at tennis...shhh pic.twitter.com/J3Tw9EAtdL

— Stuart Appleby (@StuartAppleby) April 10, 2015 In fairness, Appleby is well aware of what he looks like, having already referenced his resemblance to Tom Hanks' character in "Castaway."  But it turns out Appleby has his reasons.

As you may recall, there was an incident earlier in the golf season involving Appleby's fellow Aussie Robert Allenby outside a wine bar in Honolulu. Appleby and Allenby have been confused for one another throughout their careers owing to their-similar sounding names and accents, but that was usually innocuous golf-related stuff, not something tied to a criminal altercation.

Because then there was this.

Interesting observation of what I was doing in Hawaii. Spelling of name and my address correct. Big mistake FL Trend. pic.twitter.com/kVpbn2gcAJ

— Stuart Appleby (@StuartAppleby) April 10, 2015 Which ultimately led to this.

I've had to go Tom Hanks to shake this Appleby/Allenby confusion. It's not working yet pic.twitter.com/0lUUcucFJH

— Stuart Appleby (@StuartAppleby) April 10, 2015 Please stay tuned to this developing story.