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Can this T-shirt solve the slow play crisis?

February 20, 2019

With slow play lollygagging through everyone's mind again this week, everyone seems to be trying to find a solution to the issue. Some say it's up to the tours to penalize players that take too long, while others say golfers should take responsibility for their own speeds. But there is one tried and true solution dating back to grade school that might fix this problem once and for all: peer pressure.

We all have that one friend that labors for what feels like hours over a four-footer or who has a pre-shot routine you could slow-cook a brisket during. Passive comments and watch-checking may work sometimes, but let's face it, the only way to get your buddy to really hurry up is to bully them into it.

Apparel company BreakingT has started its own campaign to combat expanding round lengths in a newanti-slow play collection. The first shirt in the collection boldly says what was on all our minds watching the final round at Riviera: "Just hit it already!" It's a great not-so-subtle nudge to encourage your slow play partners to get on with it.


Once they get the message to just hit the dang ball, there are still precious minutes to be saved walking to your next shot, searching for said shot in the woods and checking yardages for attempting to save par and dignities. The "Play Ready Golf" shirt aims to keep things moving between shots for shorter rounds and (hopefully) saving on-course friendships across the nation.