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Callaway launches new line of Roger Cleveland wedges

June 27, 2013

Building on a new approach to groove design and microscopically engineered surface roughness, Callaway today formally unveiled its latest wedge offering, the Mack Daddy 2.


Designed by longtime wedge expert Roger Cleveland and already being played on tour (most notably by Phil Mickelson), the forged Mack Daddy 2 features larger, wider grooves compared to Callaway's most recent offerings, but more importantly the groove design incorporates a steeper wall angle (5 degrees) on the higher lofts to improve the potential for spin generation on shots from the rough. According to company testing, the new groove produces 25 percent more spin for full shots out of the rough.

In addition, the space between grooves feature rows of lasered "micro-grooves" that are designed to improve surface roughness and enhance friction whether the clubface is positioned square or open to the target line.

The new line, which takes on a similar shape to Callaway's popular X-Forged 2008 wedge line, also offers three different sole grinds in the higher lofts and will ultimately feature lofts ranging from 47 to 64 degrees. The 52-, 56-, 58- and 60-degree models ($119) will be available starting July 12, while expanded lofts will come online in November.

The company will offer wedge tips and service through a series of videos on its website that will feature Cleveland and Callaway's Director of Fitting and Instruction Randy Peterson.