Callaway Golf brings its Chrome Soft Truvis Suits offering to market

Truvis Suits 1.jpg

Callaway Golf’s Truvis ball has become something of a cult favorite among golfers, and, to use a poker term, the company has been "all in" on the line for some time now, including a number of limited-edition models. Its recent offering joins that group with the Chrome Soft Truvis Suits model.

As its name suggests, the latest offering features within a dozen balls one sleeve in each of the four suits in a deck of playing cards (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds). Considering how close golf and gambling are to each other, it’s a natural fit.

The limited-edition Chrome Soft Truvis Suits ball includes all the same features of Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball, including a dual core with an inner core with a softer compression than the original Chrome Soft and a firmer outer core to provide additional ball speed and reduced spin off the driver. The ball utilizes the company’s softest urethane cover ever to enhance greenside spin, too. The model, which costs $45 per dozen, is the ninth Truvis launch to date.