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Up close: Callaway Epic Max/Epic Speed drivers

January 29, 2021

Callaway’s new Epic line consists of three new drivers and two fairway woods. These models include the Max (forgiving for the everyman), the Max LS (featuring “high forgiveness for better players”) and the Speed (aerodynamically shaped, low-spin); and the larger, forgiving Max and smaller, flatter-launching Speed in fairway woods). It isn’t the new titanium or steel alloys in the face or the extensive use of carbon composite in the body that forges new territory. Again it is the use of artificial intelligence to fundamentally reshape the company’s “Jailbreak” structure that joins the crown and sole. These internal designs reflect “solutions that aren’t always intuitive,” including a frame shape on the drivers, and angled, non-circular bars on the woods. They stiffen the body in both a vertical and now a horizontal direction to concentrate more flexing across a greater area of the face.

Price: $530 (drivers); $300 (fairway woods). In stores Feb. 18.

Callaway Epic Speed:

Callaway Epic Max:

Callaway Epic Max LS: