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Callaway Chrome Soft ball adds new Truvis pattern

March 30, 2016

Callaway not only recently updated its Chrome Soft ball for 2016, it added a new color scheme to its surprisingly successful soccer ball-like Truvis pattern.

The new Chrome Soft mixes a firmer outer core with a softer inner core and was launched at retail in early February. This week Callaway is rolling out its second Truvis color, a yellow ball with a series of black pentagons similar to a soccer ball. The previous Truvis ball on last year’s version of Chrome Soft was a white ball with red pentagon color blocks. Callaway has the exclusive rights to the pattern on golf balls in the U.S.

The idea grew from Julian Morley, a U.K. inventor who reasoned that soccer balls were more visible and improved a player’s focus because of their pattern. He reasoned that the pattern would have the same effect in golf, explaining on the Truvis website that the pattern “helps the brain map out the precise roll and movement of every putt or shot that a player makes.”

According to Callaway, the Truvis-patterned Chrome Soft exceeded forecast sales by 300 percent last year, and the company is planning to triple capacity to support the demand in 2016. They even caught the eye of new Callaway staff player Tom Watson. Watson played the ball in January at the Mitsubishi Electric Championship, bettering his age by a shot and finishing 11th.

"What I love about it is you could see the spin," he said. "That helps you, especially in your putting because you don't want a lot of backspin coming off that putter head. With the Truvis you get instant feedback."

The Callaway Chrome Soft with the yellow/black Truvis pattern will sell for $40 per dozen.