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Caddyshack 101

January 12, 2010

Here's a college course that shouldn't hurt anyone's GPA: "Caddyshack 101: Lessons from the Coolest Sports Movie Ever Made."

No joke. Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., is offering it as part of its sports management program.

"We use this hilarious, crude, wonderful film as a way to get into some very serious discussions," Ted Curtis, assistant professor of sports management and a lifelong fan of the 1980 movie, said in a news release. "As university faculty, we always are trying to find new ways to engage and enlighten our students. With this class, we are doing that through one of the most-popular sports comedies ever made."

Here's the official course description:

"From class distinction to civility, gambling to the origins of catch­ phrases, Caddyshack provides a clear -- if not kooky -- lens through which many may view relationships to the community.

"It may be the funniest, coolest and craziest sports film ever made -- and it provides a clear lens through which students can analyze relationships to each other and to the community. The course will examine issues including the dangers of class distinction, the origins of catchphrases in American lexicon and the out-of-control growth of sports gambling."

-- John Strege