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Caddie jailed for hitting man with a golf club

December 10, 2015

We know what you're thinking. Was the caddie taking his frustration out on a golfer for a bad tip? For just being rude? For having too heavy of a golf bag? Actually, none of the above.

The Straits Times reports a part-time caddie has been sentenced to four years in jail for striking a fellow worker at Singapore Island Country Club last December. According to the report, the caddie, Selamati Satli, admitted to striking Felix Joseph in the head with a golf club.

It appears Satli didn't like the way Joseph, who was operating a tractor at the time, was staring at him. So he gashed his forehead by swinging a sand wedge -- an unfortunate club choice for Joseph considering the added bounce on the sole.

We can joke now because Joseph is OK, and Satli is doing his time. Of course, it's only fair that he be made to replace that club as well.