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Caddie bib for Rory McIlroy is misspelled, no one can spell anymore

February 02, 2024

Christian Petersen

What’s happening? This is an epidemic at this point. Just the other day, LIV Golf misspelled Jon/John Rahm’s name on a team graphic. It’s only your new $600-million man … why bother to spellcheck?

And now, Rory McIlroy—or should we say MCLLROY—had his name botched on his caddie’s bib at Pebble Beach. Is this why he suffered a two-shot penalty for an incorrect drop? There’s no proof it isn’t.

“It actually wasn’t McIlroy who got that two-stroke penalty. It was McLLroy,” Claire Rogers ingeniously pointed out.

With the $3 billion cash infusion from the Strategic Sports Group, perhaps the PGA Tour could hire a copy editor to review names. It’s not like LIV is hurting for money either. With the recent media chaos, this might be the way to pay some writers’ salaries and fix this bevy of misprints.

What might’ve happened here is that in the Arial font, a capitalized “I” and lowercase “l” look exactly the same. Was there a switch at the looper font plant eventually resulting in a foolish look for McIlroy’s caddie? A valid question that we’re sure Jay Monahan is looking into right now.

No matter what happened, two of golf’s premier talents having their names incorrectly spelled in such quick succession isn’t the best look for the sport. It’s tremendous content though, so keep the typos coming.