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Cabrera and an economy of words

April 25, 2009

Financial Times columnist Simon Kuper attempted to pry some insights from Masters champion Angel Cabrera, about himself, his hometown and his country of Argentina, and came away with so little that he apologized to his readers.

"Cabrera himself does not talk," Kuper wrote. "He is not a man who believes in the power of words to change history. He has barely spoken since the day he folded the Masters champion's fabled green jacket around his ample belly, but he agreed to answer a few of my questions by e-mail."

His answers were short (to a question as to how he was enjoying the green jacket, he replied, "I'm living every moment"), after which Kuper wrote: "I'm sorry: that's all I could get out of him."

Kuper notes the radio interview Cabrera did in Argentina (now apparently infamous there) in which the interviewer, Ruiz Guinazu, became flummoxed by the dimmissive answer she got to a question regarding what it was like to face Tiger Woods. She followed with this: "What was it like for (Roberto) De Vicenzo to face Woods?"

It was the end of the interview.

-- John Strege