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Bushnell's newest golf GPS rangefinder watch

April 17, 2013

The market for GPS rangefinders worn on the wrist is a rapidly growing category, for good reason: Simplicity. There is no need to reach for a rangefinder.


Bushnell already had entered that market with the Neo+ Golf GPS Watch, but it is introducing the next generation, the Neo-X Golf GPS Watch. It comes pre-loaded with more than 30,000 courses, features automatic course recognition, and in addition to providing yardages to the front, center and back of greens, it also provides yardages to hazards, a function to measure shot distances, tells time and has a stopwatch and an odometer.

The popularity of wrist devices is reflected in the number of companies offering them. In addition to Bushnell, others offering them are SkyCaddie, GolfBuddy, Garmin ane Expresso.

The Neo-X will be available May 1 and will retail for $199.95.