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Brex Golf's putter offers interchangable hosel

May 17, 2013

Alignment aids are an important consideration in putters and adjustability is the order of the day in golf equipment. A new putter company, Brex Golf, has addressed both issues with the introduction of its first putter, the BG-1.

Brex Golf offers a complete package, which includes three hosel choices (with shafts) -- straight, offset and face-balanced -- that require only an Allen wrench to change. The consumer has the option of keeping all three or testing them, keeping the one they prefer and selling the other two back to the company.

"The modular design made sense, to be able to build the putter exactly the way you like it," Brett Burdick, the founder of the company, said. "Try them all and keep the one you like."

The alignment aid comes in a half-pipe that is exactly the width of the ball and comes with a center line. When the golfer's eyes are directly over the ball, the line appears straight. If they aren't over the ball, the center line appears curved.

"It's really natural, very intuitive," Burdick said. "It gets your eyes over the ball."

The putter head is CNC milled from 303 stainless steel, while the half-pipe is milled aluminum.

Burdick is an electrical engineer by trade, with an affinity for art. "Art's always been a big part of what I've done," he said. "So I've naturally been into design. Probably 20, 25 years ago, I designed a putter, had it machined and contacted some manufacturers."

He never actually showed it to manufacturers, he said, from a concern that his design might be appropriated without his receiving compensation for it.

"I've always just had that idea for a putter in the back of my head," he said. "Just in the last last couple years, I said I want to do what I want to do, be in a business with something I'm passionate about."

For now, the putter is available only at the website, at $299 for one with a single hosel, and $475 for the complete package with the option of selling back two of the hosels. It also has a return policy that allows trying the putter. "We will refund the full amount if the putter is returned in new and unused condition within 30 days," the policy states.