Butler introducing its adorable new mascot Simba-style is why college sports remain the best

On the long list of reasons college sports are better than pro, the use of live mascots has to be near the top. Where else would you see a massive steer attack a tiny bulldog prior to the two teams the mascots represent actually faced off on the field? Where else would a gigantic buffalo be forced into retirement for running TOO fast onto the field, thus endangering those around it? Only in college sports.

And nowhere else would you see a Simba-style introduction of an adorable bulldog, which is a thing that happened Friday night before Butler and Marquette tipped off at Hinkle Fieldhouse. The only thing missing was "The Lion King" theme:

Here, play the above video on mute and hit play on the below video and watch until you're done laughing:

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff. The unbelievably cute bulldog being raised in the air is Butler's newest live mascot, Blue IV, who is replacing Blue III, also known as "Trip." Trip is set to retire at the end of the academic year due to old age and time served, according to Don't worry, Trip is doing just fine, it's just time to pass the torch, er, the collar.

The first step in that collar-passing was the introduction of Blue IV on Friday night, which proved to be a potential turning point in Butler's season. After starting the year 15-1, the Bulldogs had lost three straight prior to facing Marquette, who they edged out in overtime 89-85 to improve to 16-4. All credit to Blue IV for the much-needed W.