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Bushnell Pro 1M: Accuracy up to one mile

March 06, 2012

Bushnell Golf is the laser rangefinder of choice for PGA Tour players, who rely on the precision of lasers to determine how far each club hits the ball.

"We have about 92 percent of PGA Tour players usuing our product," Bushnell spokesman Derek Schuman said. "We've been working it for a long time. We started making these things in '95 and since that time we've made sure we got them in the hands of the pros. Crazy as it seems, pros still buy them from us. And as we continue to innovate they've continued to stay wilth us."

Bushnell's latest offering is the Pro 1M. The 1M stands for one mile, the outer limit of its range. "It's ranging capability is incredible," Schuman said. "It can hit a reflective object out to one mile and hit a flag at 550-plus yards." That ought to cover the distance the modern technologically-equipped PGA Tour hits his driver. For now.

The Pro 1M has what Bushnell calls Vivid Display Technology, a vibrant red readout replacing the traditional black. "It gives you improved light transmission, better resolution, a crisper, more legible readout," Schuman said. "If it's cloudy out you can turn up the brightness level setting."

The Pro 1M has a twin, the Pro 1M Slope, the latter equipped with the ability to provide distances that compensate for elevation changes. The Pro 1M sells for $499, the Pro 1M Slope for $599.

-- John Strege