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Burglar gets chased down by golf carts and caught on Connecticut course

September 16, 2016

A Stamford, Conn., man fled the scene of an attempted burglary on Thursday, but he couldn't escape the clutches of local authorities. Why? Because he couldn't out-run golf carts.

According to the Stamford Advocate, Ernest Bailey, 49, was caught in the act of robbing an apartment by a resident on Thursday afternoon. He ran out of the building and tried to get away by hopping a fence onto the city's E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course.

But police quickly set up a perimeter around the public course and then used golf carts to chase Bailey down, according to Capt. Richard Conklin.

“This was a real good job by uniform officers and Narcotics and Organized Crime officers,” Conklin said. “They responded rapidly, locked down the golf course and used their initiative to get the carts and find Mr. Bailey. A great job all around.”

And a good reason, apparently, for a course to have golf carts.