Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands

The Ground Game

These are the 2 key ingredients to every good bump-and-run shot


Ahead of the 2024 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, which demands golfers navigate their ball on and around the baked-out slopes, we're launching a daily Ground Game series. A slate of daily articles to help you better understand how to use the ground to your advantage.

If you feel uncomfortable putting from off the green—maybe there’s too much distance to cover or it’s a steep climb up to the putting surface from a collection area—your best bet is the bump-and-run. Think of it as a low chip that lands short of the green but has enough momentum to propel the ball on and scoot it toward the hole.

To execute it, grab a short iron. The club you choose depends on a lot of variables, so experiment with everything from your wedges to an 8-iron to see what works best.


In terms of technique, set up favoring your front foot and get your nose over a spot an inch in front of the ball. This stance helps promote crisp contact.

Make a few practice swings focusing on keeping the club’s shaft leaning forward through the impact zone. This also helps catch the ball cleanly and gets it to come off the club lower with enough roll to get it past whatever is between you and the putting surface.


This swing is not all that different than a putting stroke, so remember to minimize your wrist action back and through. Don’t try to scoop the ball.