Bubba Watson is back rapping, this time as a featured artist on a Christian rap track

April 16, 2015

Apparently, Christian rap is a budding musical genre. And now Bubba Watson is officially a part of its scene.

Christian rapper KB's new single, "Ima Just Do It," features the two-time Masters champion spittin' lyrics at about the three-minute mark. Have a listen:

Thanks to Shane Ryan for pointing this out and for Ryan Ballengee for transcribing Watson's hot verse:

Let me talk about how I'm supposed to be at a Christmas party right now, but y'all keep keepin' me in here. My wife's not gonna let me be on fleek if y'all don't hurry up.

"On fleek"? Huh? Sorry, keep going Bubba:

*Bubba Wats on the mic now.

Can a golfer spit a rhyme?

Not a gangsta rapper, but my caddie got a knife.

KB need a verse,

Told him ain't nothin' to it.

Everybody ask me why, I just look 'em in the eye and say

I'm a just do it

Country boy from the panhandle

No golf lessons, just God's blessin's

Ain't nothin' He can't handle,

Left-handed, funny swing,

Driver's pink, ain't nothin' to me.

Got two Masters, a double major

But just one Master, our Savior.*

All in all, not a bad effort by Bubba. "No golf lessons, just God's blessin's"? That's pretty catchy.

So what have we learned? 1.) Christian rap exists; 2.) Bubba has come a long way from "Bubba Claus"; 3.) Don't mess with Bubba's caddie.